Most of us want what we cannot have. This is especially true when it comes to hairstyles. Ironically, while ladies with sleek, straight hair long for some sexy waves, those with curly hair will go great lengths just to have their hair straightened, no matter what the cost. Since sleek, shiny and straight hair is currently the “in” thing, 73% of women use a flat iron to tame their mane. Unfortunately, they still experience some bad hair days. Are you one of them? If you need some help improving your flat iron results, here are some tips you definitely need to consider.

Tips for improving your flat iron results

  • Use the right flat iron for your hair. Did you know that about 50% of your results depend on the flat iron you use? Thus, using a high improving your flat iron resultsquality hair straightening tool can help you achieve the look you desire. For best results, invest in the Ultimate Argan Oil Vapor Flat IronTM. It features an innovative system which transforms the Argan Oil Infusion Treatment™ solution into vapor to revitalize and strengthen your hair while styling and helps to protect your hair strands up to 450°F heat.
  • Don’t use flat iron on wet hair. Flat irons and wet hair don’t go together nicely. If you don’t want to end up toasting your hair to a crisp, dry hair completely before putting your flat iron to work.
  • Your comb is one of your best allies. Combing or brushing your hair and dividing it into smaller sections go a long, long way in improving your flat iron results. Aside from making the process easier and less time-consuming, you’ll also be sure that you won’t miss a spot while straightening your hair.
  • Make sure it is not too hot. Setting your flat iron higher than 365oF will be disastrous for your hair. If you have fine hair, don’t go anywhere above the 300o to 325oF mark.
  • improving your flat iron resultsStart at the roots. For a sleek and flawless look, glide the iron slowly down the hair length. Always start at the roots and work your way down to the ends.

If improving your flat iron results has been on your bucket list for the longest time, just follow these simple yet effective tips and you can be sure that you’ll get smoother, shinier and straighter hair every time you put your flat iron to work! Your flat iron can be your best friend – if you know how to use it right. Visit our website ( or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn how argan oil can help you get an unbeatable flat iron experience!