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A Repair Mask Keeps Your Color Treated Hair Healthy

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than changing your hair color. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve had your hair dyed in a salon or at home. As long as you get the hair color you have always wanted, the feeling you get will always be the same. But how long will the feeling last? If you don’t take care of your hair and use a specially formulated repair mask to nourish it, it will definitely be a short lived love affair!

Let’s face it. The chemicals used in dyeing your hair can be extremely damaging. In order to set permanently, the ammonia in your hair dye breaks through the layers of your hair cuticles while the peroxide strips away your natural color to make way for the new one. Hey, even those so-called ammonia-free hair dyes can damage your hair, although not as mask

So, what should you do if you love dyeing your hair but don’t want to damage it in the process? Here are some effective hair care tips that you may want to consider.

  • Apply a hair mask a day before you dye your hair. Using a specially formulated hair repair mask such as the Ultimate Moroccan Argan Oil Instant Repairing Mask before getting your color done will thoroughly moisturize your hair and protect it from undue damage.
  • Use hair care products designed for color treated hair. Wash your hair using a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. For best results, choose products containing moisturizing ingredients (e.g. argan oil).
  • Deep condition your hair. Don’t skimp on this one! Color treated hair are very porous and tend to have a straw-like texture and appearance so use Ultimate Moroccan Argan Oil Instant Repairing Mask once a week to rehydrate, revitalize and repair your hair strands. With continued use, you hair will have that lustrous shine and silky smoothness that you’ve always dreamed of! As an added bonus, moisturized hair holds color better longer!

repair maskUltimate Moroccan Argan Oil Instant Repairing Mask is the secret to healthy color treated hair. Use it and see the difference!

With gorgeously beautiful color treated hair, you can definitely look your best all day, every day! Visit our website ( or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about how argan oil can help keep your hair beautifully strong and revitalized 24/7.

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