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Can Argan Oil For Hair Loss Be My Answer To Healthy Hair?

Argan Oil For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be emotionally debilitating for men and women. For many men it is often viewed as an accepted but unwelcome symptom of aging. For women however, hair loss can come unexpected and lead to feelings of depression and shame. The truth is for both men and women, hair loss can change your life leading to frustration and a lack of confidence. But, understanding how argan oil for hair loss can be a natural and effective part of treatment provides hair loss sufferers with a proactive way to get back to healthy hair.

argan oil for hair loss-africanamericanwomanSome Conditions Leading to Hair Loss

  • Hormonal Changes – Most often affecting women, hormone changes during pregnancy, birth control side effects and menopause are all factors lead to hormonal hair loss.
  • Emotional Stress – Times of extreme emotional stress can lead to physical stress in the body. Divorce, the death of a loved one and job stresses all can play a part in emotional stress hair loss.
  • Medical Conditions – Anemia, Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Autoimmune Disease are all medical conditions that can cause hair loss.
  • Medications – Many are aware that one of the most common causes of hair loss is experienced by cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. However, common everyday medications such as blood thinners, beta-blockers, antidepressants, and anti-inflammatory drugs can often lead to hair loss. In addition, the use of anabolic steroids by athletes can also be linked to hair loss issues.
  • Male Pattern Baldness – Is a probably the most well-known hair loss condition. Affecting men normally age 60+ but can start earlier. It occurs most often due to male sex hormones and genetics.
  • Mineral Deficiencies – A lack of Vitamin B or not getting enough protein can cause the body to stall hair growth and cause hair loss. In contradiction, too much Vitamin A can also trigger a hair loss issue.argan oil for hair loss-blowdry
  • Unhealthy Hair Care – Harsh hair products such as with the use of hair color, hot oil treatments and chemical relaxers can have a negative affect on one’s hair over the years. In addition, tight braids, hair weaves as well as high-heat styling such as over use of a blow dryer can lead to hair loss that may not return. *One Note-while maintaining clean, healthy hair is always a great habit to have, over-shampooing and a lack of good conditioning can cause stress to hair follicles leading to unhealthy hair and eventual hair loss.

While there are a number of conditions that can lead to hair loss including natural aging, argan oil for hair loss can offer a host of benefits in the hair loss battle.

Argan Oil For Hair Loss Can…

  • Promote keratin production promoting new hair growth.argan oil for hair loss-oil
  • Improve blood circulation to the scalp enhancing the health of hair follicles.
  • Treat unhealthy, dry and split-end affected hair.
  • Balance hormone levels for both hair and skin.
  • Enhances scalp moisture by helping to control dandruff and clearing scalp buildup.

Incorporating Argan Oil For Hair Loss Can Encourage Good Hair Health

One form of treatment alone will more than likely not be the answer to improving a hair loss issue. However, by incorporating argan oil for hair loss you can improve your hair and scalp health. In many cases the answer to stalling hair loss can be in building a good hair care habit early on.

Interested in seeing how using argan oil for hair loss or to benefit your hair’s over all health can be incorporated into your hair care? Visit our Products page. Or, contact us toll-free at 888-377-9187. For more on ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil®, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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    Totally Agree with this Blog, Argan Oil is an age-beauty secret & its benefits are endless. Argan Oil is a rich source of Vitamin E which is required for healthy hair. Its natural properties are perfect for a scalp plagued by dandruff and irritation.

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