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Argan Oil Hair Growth Shampoo Tips for Luscious Hair

We’ve all seen those shampoo commercials with women flipping their hair in slomo and men combing their fingers through a full head of rich hair. The scenes are so picture-perfect that they’re too good to be true; how do you get hair that beautiful? Sure, shampoo is necessary to luscious hair, but what if we told you shampoos are missing a vital ingredient to healthy hair? Argan oil hair growth shampoo is the key to a thriving head of hair, and we have a few tips for you on how to get that desired look.

Argan Oil Hair Growth ShampooThe Skinny on Getting and Maintaining Beautiful Hair

1. Don’t wash too often. At the end of the day, shampoo is essentially a soap. We all know soap dries out our skin, and shampoo too dries out your hair if used too often. To be clear, using shampoo on a regular basis is a healthy habit, but using it daily is excessive and will damage your hair slowly over time. Yes, some shampoos have hydrating properties, but continue with the recommended usage—even with hydrating products. Shampooing about three times per week is advised, but feel free to use conditioner as often as you’d like.

Argan Oil Hair Growth Shampoo2. Use argan oil hair growth shampoo. Argan oil is the key ingredient to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Among its countless benefits, argon oil is rich in vitamin E, which stimulates and promotes hair growth. Some of us tend to think shampoo is shampoo—any ol’ product will do, but that’s not the case. Think of your hair like your body: If you feed it junk, it’ll start to reflect that; however, if you feed it properly, you’ll easily maintain your figure. Likewise, if you feed your hair junk, it’ll reflect that. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank; shop wisely. We recommend our hydrating shampoo.

3. Stay healthy. We just touched on this, but it’s often overlooked. A huge part of your hair’s health is your body’s health. Just like a plant needs to be planted in rich soil, your hair needs a nutrient body that is on a suitable diet and is well-hydrated. Your hair grows from your body, and it can only be as healthy as its source. Let’s just call this knocking out two birds with one stone.

4. Avoid harsh chemicals. If you want to keep your hair void of damage, you’ll have to protect it from damaging chemicals. For example, bleach your hair with caution. Using bleach is a very unhealthy way to treat your hair. Additionally, whether you’re an avid swimmer or just a casual pool-goer, always wash your hair immediately after exposing it to chlorine. Reduce your exposure to this chemical by ensuring it doesn’t linger. If you’re a regular swimmer, you might want to consider using a swim cap to minimize exposure and protect your hair.

Argan Oil Hair Growth ShampooAchieve Your Ultimate Look

These tips will certainly help with hair growth and health, but the key is what products you are putting in your hair. ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil® makes hydrating products that are proven to help your locks thrive. Have a great hair day every day with ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil®.

We offer live customer service from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, so contact us toll-free at 888-377-9187. For more on how ULTIMATE Moroccan Argan Oil® can bring out the best of your hair with argan oil hair growth shampoo, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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